Re-engage Your Mobile Users with These Three Marketing Techniques

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Downloads and installs have been a big focus for many of you trying to be at the top in the app world. However, for some of you who have been in the game for a while, may have already realized that thousands of downloads doesn’t always mean success. So what did you do? You’ve turned to re-engagement and retention campaigns to bring in users that have abandoned your app after the first week to first few months after install.

In order to drive user re-engagement, here are some effective techniques you can apply to your campaigns.

App Indexing

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Several years ago, Google found a way to index apps for search results. This means Google discovered a way to crawl apps to find relevant content based on search queries, and then pull up the result pages in a deep link that takes you from the web to the content within the app.

App indexing allows the for a smooth user experience, ultimately leading to deeper engagement. Aside from search, app indexing can be achieved through notifications, email and SMS. Here are three types of deep links that you can use:

  • Basic deep linking: users are directed to a certain page within your app, which works well when your app was already installed.

  • Deferred deep linking: this works similarly to basic deep linking, however, if the user hasn’t installed your app, it will redirect them to the app store page to install the app first.

  • Contextual deep linking: this type works like the first two, except it allows the user to be redirected back to where they were trying to go in the first place, regardless if they have to install the app or not. This type of deep linking drives both growth and re-engagement.

Push Notifications

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Push notifications are a great way to bring users back into your app, especially if they have gone MIA for a few days or weeks. It’s important to be mindful with how you send push notifications, when you send them, and what you send (context) to your users.

Using push notifications to complete an onboarding process, is a clever way to get a user to come back to the app, and can increase retention by 50 to 70 percent. Be strategic in what you want your users to do once they see the message. (Just remember, the only way the user will receive the message is if you ask permission to send them.)

And don’t forget about personalization. On average, each targeted message has a 27 percent increase in the number of conversions.

By tracking how your user behaves on install and post-install, you can determine user lifecycle to help craft future messages that will bring them back into and engage with your app.

Social Media

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Social media has become one of the biggest marketing and communication platforms, from Facebook and Twitter to Pinterest and Instagram, companies are finding every way possible to expose themselves in any way they can. And with users spending 20% of their total time online on social media, it’s no wonder it’s such a powerful tool for you to use to connect with your users.

Targeting re-engagement campaigns through social channels can remind users about your product and reel them back into the app. Take time to experiment with different calls to action, timing, language and personalization to see which one is more successful.

Take it a step further and offer incentives and rewards to drive re-engagement and conversions. Be it through coupons, promotional offers, discounts.


User retention and acquisition have become an important part of the conversion funnel and the success of an app. Nurturing and bringing users back in that have abandoned the app can ultimately increase their lifetime value, allowing you to measure revenue more effectively over time. Focusing on app indexing, push notifications, and social media techniques will help you re-engage with your customers on a level that’s more personalized and powerful. If you haven’t jumped on the re-engagement campaign train, then now is the time to start.

by Christina Altman, Head of Content, Ammuse Studio

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